IFE Manager
Mobile Application, Web Design and Development, Business Intelligence, Software Development

IFE Manager is designed as a Cloud-Based software as a service to manage and deliver key business intelligence information extracted from multiple data sources within an airline service provider’s IFE system. This information is critical for Management and Operations to deliver an enhanced In-Flight Entertainment experience to the passengers.

Key benefits of the system are:

1. A single entry point for all input data, whether it is offloaded IFE data or customer generated IFE CTR reports. All data is stored securely for a minimum of 2 years on the IFE Manager servers and can be processed any time on demand.

2. Data, from these multiple sources, is processed instantly and then disseminated as information that provides insight into the performance of the IFE system in flight. By combining various data sources, it is possible for Maintenance to get a graphical view of the seat layout of a particular flight and where the issues are, or, for the Marketing team to understand the types of content that their passengers prefer so that they can make informed decisions about future content choices.

3. Information can be presented any time over a web interface or can be exported via an XML interface to any external data warehousing applications for further analysis.