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The PillManager app is available for iOS and Android-based mobile phones, as well as on the web, and serves as both a medication dosage reminder ( except the web-based version where reminders cannot be activated) and a handheld reordering tool. The app was created to appeal to a wide range of individuals who wish to combine industry-leading medication tracking and a health management system with the app world’s first fully integrated prescription refill system.

Medication Scheduler

The built-in medication scheduler allows the user to input their own medication, including the name, number of doses and reminder times. Individual medication can then have its dosage frequency altered and the app can attribute a certain number of days to each medicine if the user’s schedule is not indefinite.

Medication History

The PillManager app securely stores the user’s medication history, allowing them to sort and view their consumption by date. This information can also be shared directly with other interested parties via email, such as carers, doctors and pharmacists. The App also allows the user to manage and keep track of most of their critical medical records securely in one place.

Medication Reordering

The PillManager app offers the first integrated universal reordering system of any medical utility app. Users can reorder their own personal list of medicines using medication data stored within the app by transmitting a customized list via email. Alternatively, users may send an image of their prescription in the same manner, directly to their doctor or pharmacist for fulfillment.