Mobile App Development

Having a trusted partner to develop a mobile platform that fits your brand is critical to ensuring that you can not only compete but be an impactful leader in this mobile app heavy economy. Having Lexonet as a development partner means that designing, building, and deploying compelling mobile applications and experiences for your users will streamline operations and bring value to your company.

We have extensive experience building iOS and Android applications for mobile and tablet platforms with an array of industries. Our app development team are experts in API integration, building middleware, and creating backend systems that facilitate and supports complex applications. All your app development needs ranging from design, UI/UX, client and server build, and testing is taken care of by Lexonet.

Over 600 independent pharmacies in the UK have entrusted us to design, deliver, and support a custom mobile app solution to promote each individual pharmacy’s services and products to their customer on a single application called PillManager. Pharmacy customers use this iOS and Android compatible app to manage their health records and prescription medications. Through a direct messaging system between a pharmacy and the app, the user can order their medication and get critical messages at any time. PillManager is approved by NHS for use in the UK. For more information, please visit